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Mental Health Services

The towns of Ayer and Shirley are home to many support services for families seeking mental health resources. Select a topic below for resources and organizations relevant to the topic in the Ayer-Shirley area.

Other Services

The Ayer-Shirley region is home for many clubs, organizations and activities for youth and families. Visit the Ayer Recreation Department and the Shirley Recreation Commission to access information regarding various activities for children and youth. In addition, Ayer-Shirley Community Education provides youth and adult programs that may be of interest to families in these towns.

Community Websites


General Resources

Can't find what you need or need a referral to a mental health practitioner? Call 617-332-3666 x 1411. For more information about the service and terms of confidentiality, please click here.

Disclaimer: Material on the MSPP INTERFACE Referral Service website is intended as general information. It is not a recommendation for treatment, nor should it be considered medical or mental health advice. The MSPP INTERFACE Referral Service urges families to discuss all information and questions related to medical or mental health care with a health care professional.