Responses to our Work

From Parents

“I have been very preoccupied with my son; the good news is that one of the matches is a good fit, I like him very much and am confident about the direction in which we're heading. [MSPP] INTERFACE®] has been so professional and courteous, and has made a difference in the life of my family. For that I am so grateful.”

“This service was so great!  Searching on insurance lists is so difficult, especially trying to find someone who would be skilled in what my daughter needed, and I would never have found these providers on my own.  I hope [MSPP] INTERFACE isn’t going anywhere!”

“Many months later, I continue to reference points from the Project INTERFACE talk on teens [Adolescent Psychology - The Parent Version]. Your speaker was full of useful, relevant information which she delivered with humor and compassion. Based on the quality of this presentation, I look forward to attending any and all programs presented by Project INTERFACE in the future. Please continue to expand the important services you offer for parents in this community.”

“Thanks for putting together such a valuable forum on drinking, drugs and depression on January 18th! The panel presenters were very engaging; I really liked that they were both knowledgeable and “real” people who live and work in our community. As the mother of two teenage boys, up and down moods are a part of our daily life. These may be typical for teens, but I found it helpful, and even reassuring, to get a better sense of the normal range as well as some “red flags” of a more serious problem. I left that evening with new information and some great resources.”

“My daughter met with Bonnie yesterday and her concluding remarks were 'Daddy, Bonnie is a good talking doctor. I really like her. We should come back again.'”

“I would recommend Project INTERFACE, it took a lot of pressure off me to have the research done and then get a call from the counselor with the personality I was looking for.”

From School Personnel

“Project INTERFACE is very helpful because it pulls information together from many different areas. The web site has both local and national resources and information about mental health topics and services. The Database provides a central resource for referrals with extensive information about mental health providers from many sources, including insurance, directories, school personnel, and personal referrals.”

“It is very exciting to have the Project INTERFACE Resources and Database at our fingertips. This will be invaluable to the students and families that we serve, especially since we see more students with depression and anxiety every year who need access to mental health providers outside of the school. Our department members are thrilled to have this database as a resource.”

“Thank you so much for arranging the consultation on my student. I am re-energized to move forward with some new objectives which will hopefully prove to be a benefit to my student in the future.”

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to be involved with the consultation as a part of Project INTERFACE. It was so refreshing to sit with two such esteemed professionals like Dr. Schultz and Dr. Rappaport and listen to their questions and comments. The youngster we discussed is extremely challenging, and the strategies that were recommended seem like a good step forward in helping all of us work with him and provide the necessary supports to ensure his success.”

“The Project INTERFACE Web site and Database will be enormously helpful to the entire mental health staff in our school system. Students and parents are often in need of referrals so having the breadth of this database immediately accessible is very valuable to us.”

“It was so helpful for someone to come in and and go through using the database step-by-step, even when you already have a sense of how to use it. The mother I was talking to last week is going to be so happy when I can give her these print-outs with all of the information that is included about each referral.”

“As a school social worker, having the Project INTERFACE Database available to use as a resource has been invaluable. It has saved me a tremendous amount of time and I feel like I can make a mindful referral to parents who are often under duress.”

“Project INTERFACE was amazing. Within 45 minutes of making the initial phone call to you, my student was matched with an excellent clinician and had an appointment set up for that week.”

From Mental Health Professionals

“I first became aware of Project INTERFACE while working as a Jail Diversion Clinician with the Waltham Police.  I was meeting with school counselors and nurses at Waltham High School to give them information about my program and to talk about how we would work together.  One of the counselors mentioned that Waltham High used Project INTERFACE.  I followed up with Project INTERFACE, exploring their services and informing them about mine.  Having spent a fair amount of time engaged in the task of service connection for individuals suffering from mental illness, I was very impressed with their mission.  It wasn’t long before I had my first occasion to call on them for their services, and many more times followed.  They were excellent.  They assisted me in providing quality referrals that resulted in youth getting into treatment in some of the most challenging cases that I worked.  Whether the child had Blue Cross or Mass Health, they always came through with a referral for a clinician or psychiatrist that took the right insurance, that was accepting new patients and, when needed, that had some expertise in the specific issue that the youth was dealing with.  I highly recommend their services.”

“I am a clinician that works with the Waltham Police department assisting in providing alternative outcomes for individuals with mental health concerns. The goal of our program is to connect people with needed services in order to give a person an opportunity to access appropriate treatment. I have used Project Interface to help me in this task in some of my more challenging situations, cases where I have exhausted literally every avenue known to me. Project Interface staff have come through with referral information that has been both appropriate and available in a timely manner. It is a great resource, one that I will continue to use and to recommend to others.”

“I want to express my pleasure in being a member of Project INTERFACE. Not only are you providing families in our area with a helpful set of resources, but you are also making appropriate and helpful referrals to clinicians such as myself. So often, people can be helped if they only know how to connect with the right resources. Project INTERFACE really provides that missing link in our community and makes a big difference to service providers and the families who use their services. I am proud to work with such a competent, professional and needed program. Thank you, Project INTERFACE.”

“As you know, there seems to be an increased paucity of psychopharmocologists with expertise in serving children with developmental disabilities. Additionally, this family from Waltham could not find a local psychiatrist who accepts MassHealth. Given my high caseload, I am so appreciative of your assistance in getting the appropriate services for this family. I was truly amazed that not only did you give me the names of doctors, but that you helped with the initial screening by making the calls for me. The service of accessing appropriate community mental health care for families in Waltham that WarmLines and Project INTERFACE provides is greatly needed and valued. On behalf of this Waltham family, I thank you for your wonderful service.”

“You are providing a great service for children and adolescents and their families. Everything I read about Project INTERFACE is excellent. Your work is very professional and helpful.”

“I commend you on this valuable project. It is a large undertaking, but it is really needed for members of the community to help families find services that match their needs. I will be glad to participate and help out in any way I can.”

“It will be great to be able to contact your HELPLINE for referrals when I think a child or family needs further help or an area of expertise which I do not offer.”

“I have had several referrals from school adjustment counselors. I appreciate the opportunity to help with mental health issues for these adolescents and their families. In addition, there has been a mutual sharing of resources and collegiality with the school personnel that seems to benefit both of us. I have also appreciated the information about the workshops sponsored by The Freedman Center. It is great to attend a live workshop sometimes, as most of our continuing education is now online.”

Disclaimer: Material on the MSPP INTERFACE® Referral Service website is intended as general information. It is not a recommendation for treatment, nor should it be considered medical or mental health advice. The MSPP INTERFACE® Referral Service urges families to discuss all information and questions related to medical or mental health care with a health care professional.